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Free-Redondo Beach Trailer

by admin
8 years and 7 months ago
Tasters with Dr Dain Heer

The Energetic Synthesis of Being is a unique way of working with energy, groups of people and their bodies simultaneously, created and facilitated by Dain.

During this evening, Dain gives you a taste of what is possible in the 3-day intensive. He works simultaneously with the beings and bodies in the class to create a space that allows the change you are asking for to come to be. In working with one, the whole class is invited to that difference.

You begin to be and receive energies you always knew were available but didn’t have access to before. You’ll discover you no longer have to hide you, divorce you, go against what works for you and what you know is true for you.

By being these energies, by being you, you change everything; the planet, your life and everyone you come into contact with. What else is possible then? Would you be willing to come on the adventure and find out what that looks like for you?


BrianK (5 years, 10 months ago)
Dr Dain,
I have truly enjoyed your web interviews and have done your pod & poc treatment a number of times and it does seem to work. I find you a refreshing bright spot in a serious world. Having just watched the above video... when you were passing your hands over this young lady...what exactly was happening...because she was still resonating whatever you had done prior to the camera shift. What a change in her persona afterwards...amazing transition...release and joyfulness.Thank you. Brian
shellove11 (7 years, 11 months ago)
Hello Dr. Dain.
I was listening to your call with Jeneth Blackert where she mentioned watching a video that she found amazing..I wonder if this is it?
Thank you!!