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Talk To The Animals- London w/ Suzy Godsey

by admin
7 years and 2 months ago
Specialty Classes

May 2011 London Ontario


mjnelson99 (3 years, 9 months ago)
My landlord has a very friendly male cat who is probably at least 10 years old.

He has increased the joy of me living here tremendously. He seems to have some very dog-like qualities. For example, he seems to recognize his own name and when told "No". Suzy made me wonder if he might have a rather quiet dog inside as well, yet he is mostly cat.

I wanted him where I could pet him with me being comfortable. Now he will willing jump up for me to pet him.
flowingfree (5 years, 7 months ago)
Hi, it was wonderful information. yes the class is about animal but i am just going to treat ANIMAL AS PETS. so my question is about my birds. i have two parrot breeds they do not get along with each other. so i have TWO BIG CAGES, TWO STANDS ...etc. the trouble is every time i have to go out it is hard to find a baby sitter with a space to fit TWO BIG CAGES N STAND, what i want is for them to get along a lil if not BEST BUDDIES. what questions n processes i can do here. ANY INTUITIVE GUIDANCE?
mohdlight (7 years, 2 months ago)
Hey Suzy, thank you for this very informative class. I feel more confident now to communicate with animals. I like it that all ideas and presuppositions that I have previously, have now been cleared away. Now I am going to have fun playing and talking with my friend's pets. Not only with animals, but also with plants, fishes, "inanimate objects" too.
Thank you again for over 2 hours of your excellent coaching.
I am an AC newbie! Mohammed