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150404 Body Whisperer Houston April 2015

by admin

150404 Body Whisperer Houston April 2015

by admin
4 years and 4 months ago
Tasters with Dr Dain Heer

What if light touch with total presence can be so nurturing as to invite change and healing in a body, if done with kindness and caring, with total presence and no judgment? When was the last time your body was touched like that? When was the last time you allowed yourself to touch someone like that?

Somewhere, somehow, the art of conscious touch have been lost. This class is the beginning of rediscovering and reclaiming that for all of us: HOW TO TOUCH BODIES. Imagine if you could change someone’s whole world with one hug? Or have yours changed by the soft touch of someone’s hand?

This is the first time Dr. Dain Heer is facilitating a class inviting you to discover how to hear the whispers of the body and to become aware of what's truly possible with conscious touch. What would it be like if you could BE the energy of kindness, caring, presence and no judgement with every body you come into contact with … including yours?


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